Introducing the Webbing Sling: A Safe and Reliable Lifting Solution
Introducing the Webbing Sling: A Safe and Reliable Lifting Solution
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Introducing the Webbing Sling: A Safe and Reliable Lifting Solution

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The amount of lifting equipment available today can be overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to find something that’s going to safely get the job done. One of the most frequently-used tools in the industry is the webbing sling, and it’s no wonder why this simple device is so popular—it’s versatile, reliable and easy to use. With these amazing benefits, it’s no wonder why there are so many people who want to know what the webbing sling is and how does it work?

Pneumatic vs. Corded

High-performance handling and lifting products are only as good as their cords. For example, if you’re moving an object up to 10 lbs, a corded electric hoist is usually your best bet. However, if you need something that can handle more weight or has a longer distance to cover, then pneumatic is usually your best option. Corded lifts also have higher ceilings than pneumatic ones—for example, they won’t lose power when being used in taller buildings.

Standard vs. Custom

Thanks to standardized specifications, webbing slings can be used with electric hoists or hand chain hoists. However, each of these types of hoists comes with its own unique set of features. For example, electric hoists are often larger than their hand-operated counterparts, and they may offer greater lifting capabilities. Hand chain hoists may be more portable since they don’t require an electrical supply, but they may not have a long enough lift distance or reach (vertically) to provide proper lifting capabilities.

How to Select The Right Type Of Webbing Sling For Your Application

Hand chain hoist is not just a simple equipment for lifting, but it is a proven product among those who want to do many works. It can be used for various purposes where people need to carry some heavy things in construction sites, garages or even home workshops. The main feature of hand chain hoist is their safety because they are designed to be used with protective gears. They also have an option that you can adjust its length depending on your needs by using special locking devices.

GONGYOU and Webbing Sling

We have more than 20 years of production, export and after-sale service experience. We have 3 factories located in North China’s Hebei Province, about 1 hour away from Beijing Airport. 1 factory produces hand pallet trucks and hand pallet trucks with a capacity of 10,000 pieces per month. 1 chain hoist and lever hoist from the factory with a capacity of 15,000 pieces per month. Another factory produces lifting straps and lashing straps with a capacity of 50,000 pieces per month.


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