High Tensive Round Sling

  1. High strength/weight ratio.
  2. Especially suitable for loading round objects.
  3. Non-conductive, no danger of electric stroke.
  4. Light and soft, can be used in small narrow space.
  5. Anti-abrasion and anti-incision protection sleeve can be attached.
  6. The surface of round sling is smooth, does not cause damage to tender objects loaded.
  7. In compliance with European Standard EN 1492-1:2000 and Chinese Standard JB/T8251-2007
  8. Various loading methods, including dragging or pulling loaded objects,and load is bear evenly, enable the sling’s usage life last longer.
  9. Has sppecial label working load is differentiated by colors according to international standard. Easy to indentify even if the sling has been abrased.

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